Are we there yet?

When I was a kid, before there were TV’s in cars or iPod’s with earphones, traveling from Richmond to my Dad’s hometown in Rutland, Vermont seemed to take an excruciatingly long time. I loved my grandfather and his home on the side of a mountain outside town. There were so many great things to do that were so different from things we did at home. I had a bunch of older cousins, who taught me a bunch of life lessons some of which I can talk about (and others I probably shouldn’t.) I was always very excited to be going and ready to be there, so I often asked “Are we there yet?” along the way. The standard answer was “Not quite yet.” After the first time, I learned that “How much farther?” was not a question I wanted to ask because it usually involved a lesson in map reading or a lengthy lecture about something I didn’t really want to know.

For me, the interim between Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 is kind of like that trip to Vermont. “Are we there yet?” “Not quite yet.”

(but I don’t want to know how much farther. It may remind me how much I have left to do to get ready!)

We’ll see you soon!

David Anderson, Scribe