Psychic Smitty

It’s time for Psychic Smitty where I read your mind, find a feeling/question and give you an answer.

Your Feeling/Question: “Wow that was awesome!!! That was some of the best training I have ever received. There were so many parts to it that I can’t pick out just one thing that made it…great. I still can’t believe the first weekend is over – it went by so fast. I can’t wait until the next weekend, but there’s just so much to do to prepare. I just want weekend two to go as good as weekend one.”

*Psychic Smitty Answer: You are not alone in your feelings of how good the weekend went – we all felt it. That didn’t happen by accident. There were many hours of planning and preparation to make it all happen. It wasn’t just one person either. The entire staff put everything they had into every hour (before and during). Each staff member had specific responsibilities, a team that supported them and an environment that ensured success. Over the next three weeks your patrol has the opportunity to do the same. You have been given everything you need to make the next weekend even more successful than the last. Remember communication, teamwork and leadership.

*DISCLAIMER: All answers provided are not necessarily endorsed by BSA, Wood Badge, Staff, or any sane person.