What to Expect when you’re expecting Wood Badge… Troop Guide Chris Leech

Ever since my wife and I discovered our first child was due on October 22, she has been glued to a book called “What to Expect when you’re Expecting”. This book has provided her with a wealth of information, so I figured I would provide you with the Wood badge version of this book.

“Expect for the time to fly by”
You will be having so much fun, you will not believe how quickly the time will go by
“Expect to learn a lot not only from the course, but the people around you”
You and your fellow participants come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are in Boy Scouts, others Cub Scouts or Venturing. Some have been involved in Scouting for a number of years, others are just starting out. The staff is just as diverse as the participants. Expect to learn a lot from the people around you, not just what is being presented.
“Expect a different approach to Geometry”
You’ll just have to trust me on this one
“Expect a new perspective on Scouting and Life”
The Wood Badge course will give you a wealth of information that can be used not only in the Scouting world, but also in your everyday lives. Take advantage of this so you can get even more out of this wonderful experience
“Expect Friendships that will last a life time”
You will have the opportunity to work alongside Scouters that you may have otherwise never met if it wasn’t for Wood Badge. Great friendships have been created here in Wood Badge. Cherish this opportunity.
“Expect to Be amazed”
This staff has been working feverishly to give you the best experience possible. You will not be disappointed.

I look forward to meeting all of you Friday morning.

Yours in the Green & Tan,

Chris Leech
Troop Guide

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