Psychic Smitty

Yes – It’s time for another Psychic Smitty moment where I read your mind, find a feeling/question and give you an answer.

Your Feeling/Question: “If I remember right, the first Wood Badge weekend is coming up in April.  I’m excited and starting to think of the fun I’m going to have.  I’ve seen a few times where one or two leaders get a new scarf and a big group sings ‘that song‘.  The more I see it, the more I notice the fun they are having.  Now that I am finally going, I can’t wait! I wouldn’t mind getting ahead of the game.  Can I do anything now to make things a little easier or make things go a little faster for me?”

*Psychic Smitty Answer: That is a great attitude and April 13th-15th are the exact dates.  In some classes it helps when you are ahead of the curve.  Knowing all the answers before you come to class works for a lot of traditional educational courses, but his isn’t a ‘Traditional’ education course.  I wish it was.  I wish all my training courses were like Wood Badge.  The key to ‘hitting the ground running’ in Wood Badge is to open your mind for learning.  Make some room for some new thoughts. As for doing pre-work, just follow the instructions you have been receiving in the mail/email like getting your physical and other paperwork in.  Submit some photos of yourself to the website.  Remember the most important prep work for Wood Badge is arriving with your mind and body ready to experience new growth and before you know it – you’ll be getting a new scarf and singing ‘that song‘ yourself.

*DISCLAIMER: All answers provided are not necessarily endorsed by BSA, Wood Badge, Staff, or any sane person.

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