Friendly Advice… from our Friendly Quartermaster

I was told by one of my mentors in scouting that I needed to beat my head on walls for a while before going through Wood Badge and the light bulb would go off and it did for me. I don’t think that’s necessarily true now with the new program… it’s entirely different. You will experience training to help with job and life skills that you’ve never experienced before. I went through my Wood Badge course in 1992 and the biggest thing I’ll remember are lifetime friendships I made. Yes, there are times you will have your differences but at the end of the day you will form a bond that will never end. I will always cherish the time I spent in the course. I’ve also cherished the courses I’ve staffed. This is my 3rd, as well as auxiliary staff for 4 others. I have made the same connections from those as well. You are about to experience the most fun you’ve ever had while learning along the way. Have fun and I look forward to meeting and working with each and everyone of you.

by Dave Estes, FQM

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