Psychic Smitty

I thought about doing a Dear Abby column – too common…how about a horoscope thingy – beyond my skill set…so I thought – why not mix them up a bit. I’ll read your mind – find a question/feeling and give you an answer. This ought to be fun.

Your Question/Feeling: “I’ve heard a few things about Wood Badge and I’m really looking forward to it – the friendships, cool training and great trainers. With my previous experiences in training courses (both in and out of scouting), I hope this training is more fun and hands on and less boring. I also hear something about a ‘ticket’, I don’t need any more busy work – I’ve got my hands full already. I wonder what it’s going to be like – not knowing makes me kinda nervous.”

*Psychic Smitty Answer: I’ve had hundreds of “Training Classes”, BUT… there is something special about Wood Badge. It’s the best leadership course I have ever experienced. You nailed some key reasons on what makes Wood Badge so successful: Building Friendships, Hands-on Exciting Training, Experienced & Enthusiastic Staff, Excellent Participants, and yes, that wonderful thing we call a Ticket. It all comes together to make an experience of a lifetime. Let your enthusiasm and excitement take over the nerves – you won’t be disappointed! In a couple of years you might be writing this column and loving it!

*DISCLAIMER: All answers provided are not necessarily endorsed by BSA, Wood Badge, Staff, or any sane person.

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